BlueFolder + Xero

BlueFolder & Xero insync by brings simple, automated invoicing and financial features to Bluefolder through a powerful integration with Xero.

BlueFolder & Xero integration delivers time-savings and provides you the information you need to make better business decisions - features usually limited to more complex and expensive systems. But now it's easy! You can instantly send customers an invoice from your Xero accounting software when you close jobs in BlueFolder. And that's just the beginning...


  • Automated invoicing - Invoices are automatically created in Xero and delivered to the customer by email. No billing batch is required, saving you time during the billing process.
  • Invoicing flexibility - Send invoices instantly or at the end of the month - you can choose either option for each customer.
  • Financial visibility - Financial data from Xero is automatically imported into BlueFolder so you know if customers are overdue with payments before providing service.

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