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3-user base plan

+ $20 /mo
per each
additional user

Ideal for small teams who need core work order management, with scheduling, signature capture, billing, and basic email integration.



3-user base plan

+ $30 /mo
per each
additional user

Core field service and work order management features, customer communication tools, and limited customization.

Pro Plus


3-user base plan

+ $40 /mo
per each
additional user

Advanced work order features and custom reports, equipment/asset tracking, contract management, and integration.



3-user base plan

+ $60 /mo
per each
additional user

Unlimited custom reports and notification users, included customer portal, and support for multiple locations.

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BlueFolder’s pricing plans and features are structured to meet the needs of small companies with only a few users to large scale enterprise organizations with hundreds of users, and everyone in between.

Pro Plus
Track unlimited work orders, assignments, labor, materials, expenses, change history, status updates, and comments. Complete audit trail for every job!Work Order Management
Keep track of your entire service team! Built-in scheduling features make it easy to schedule your team, identify next available time slots, print schedule sheets, and get notified when new appointments are scheduled.Team Scheduling
Manage your customer accounts with ease. Instant service history for each customer record, support for multiple contacts & locations, email notification, and more.Customer/Contact Management
Access your account from the road with our mobile-optimized web application. No installation or configuration required, just connect and login!Mobile Access
You'll make better business decisions with the data provided by our integrated reports & dashboards. Key business metrics are at your fingertips so you can focus on managing your business instead of trying use a complicated report writer.Reports/Dashboards
Save time and fuel costs with integrated maps that help your service team find your job sites quickly and efficiently.Integrated Maps
Built-in data import/export capabilities give you complete access to your business data whenever you want it.Data Import/Export
Create new Work Orders by sending an email to your BlueFolder account. You can even forward customer emails and they will automatically be matched to the appropriate customer record.Create Work Orders via Email
Email & text-message alerts allow you and your team to stay informed of important events.Email/Text Notifications
Email conversations enable replies from notifications sent to your employees and customers to be tracked as comments on your work orders. With this feature, your team can easily stay up to date via email without having to log in to BlueFolder.Email Replies as Comments
Your customers can sign off on completed work right from your technicians smartphone or tablet.Signature Capture
Built-in QuickBooks integration saves you hours each week by eliminating duplicate data entry. Some customers report that this feature alone saves them thousands of dollars a year!QuickBooks Integration
Create multiple assignments per work order - useful for tracking follow-ups and project work.Multiple Assignments per Work Order
Allows multiple technicians per work order assignment (also applies to appointments not associated with a work order).Multiple Assignees per Assignment
Notify your customers via email when key events happen.Customer Notifications
Empower your customers to submit work orders, check status, add comments, view shared files, review contract usage, and more.Customer Portal $50/mo
Notification users can be assigned and receive notifications, but they cannot login.Notification Users 5 50 Unlimited
Automatically create work orders on specified schedules to easily manage your recurring jobs.Recurring Jobs 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Custom fields let you keep track of the critical information that is unique to your business. You can specify custom fields on Work Orders, Customer records, and Equipment records.Custom Fields 5 per type Unlimited Unlimited
Build powerful custom work order lists, with fully customizable filters, list columns, column order, user permissions, and more.Work Order Smart Lists 7 Unlimited Unlimited
Create custom reports that display the exact data you need to see for your business.Custom Reports 5 30 Unlimited
Customize your dashboards to show exactly what you want to see.Customizable Dashboards
Equipment/Asset tracking allows you to keep track of the assets that your customers have on-site. Customizable fields allow you to keep track of the information you need to service your customers equipment in a timely manner.Equipment/Asset Tracking
Set up contracts for your customers and keep track of items billed to contracts over time. You can even let your customers track their contract usage via the Customer Portal feature.Contract Management
Perform actions on multiple work orders in a single step.Bulk Work Order Actions
Customize work order status colors to enable easy visual identification from lists, calendars, etc.Customizable Status Colors
Track completion status for assignments separately from work order status.Advanced Assignments
The Developer API enables you to integrate your BlueFolder account data with the other systems you use in your business.Developer API
Notify external systems when key events happen in your BlueFolder account.Webhooks
Have a lot of users? Create user groups so you can filter things like calendar views to see only the data you want to see.User Groups
Support for multiple company offices supports the proximity searching feature and makes it easy to assign techs to the office they report to.Multiple Offices
Quickly and easily identify which technicians are closest to a customer site when scheduling appointments.Proximity Search
Customize the password policy for your users to match your corporate security policies.Customizable Password Policy
Customize email notifications to your customers and users.Customizable Notifications