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The ideal service management solution for commercial field service providers, original equipment manufacturers, and internal service organizations.

  • POptimize Service Team Efficiency
  • PGrow Revenue & Streamline Billing
  • PReduce Operating Costs
  • PStreamline Communications

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Without BlueFolder we would not have been able to grow our company by 50%. It allows us to provide the type of information that the technicians need in the field to do their job and the home office to manage all of the customers and equipment.”

Paula C
Service Manager
R.E.A.L. Elevator Solutions, Inc.


“It’s so accessible and simple to use that even our most paperwork-averse engineers find that it’s easy to log what they’re doing up to the minute.”

Joe Sciarra
Founding Partner
Marquis Medical


We’ve used it for seven years, have 30 techs, and love it. Creating work orders is super fast and easily searchable afterward. Customer service reps are fast and friendly.”

Jeramy Harstad
Office Manager
Northwest Electric and Solar


“After installation, we saw the impact on day-to-day business. BlueFolder has helped us better manage our company.”

Mark Eddy
Division President
Gosiger Automation