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Easily set and manage contract limits and usage, track costs over the life of a contract, and associate equipment maintenance and service orders with specific contracts with BlueFolder’s field service contract management software.
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Seamlessly Track Everything and Get Paid Faster

BlueFolder’s field service contract management software is an intuitive, speed-optimized experience for field service teams who need to effectively manage and service contracts:

  • Summary dashboard of all history, activities, and files associated with a contract.
  • Access and provide information in real-time.
  • Improve visibility and accountability.
  • Customizable to fit your team’s processes.

Leverage Powerful Field Service Contract Management Features

Contract Limits

Set a monetary or hour limit on your contract and BlueFolder will help you bill up to the limit without going over.

Contract History/Usage

Track contract usage and easily see every work order that is related to a contract.

Link Work Orders to Contracts

As you do work orders for clients that have contracts, you’ll want to be able to link the labor, materials, and expenses associated with those work orders against the contract agreement. BlueFolder makes this easy. You can also give your customers access to this same information with the Customer Portal.

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Contract Summary Dashboard

Never let a contract expire or miss an opportunity to renew a contract. BlueFolder displays a contracts summary overview on the service dashboard so you can see everything you need as it relates to contracts, including the number of active contracts, pending contracts, contracts that have expired in the past 30 days, and contracts that will expired in the next 30 days.

Edit List Values for Contract Types

Configure contract management to suit your business or organization’s unique needs by either specifying or creating your own contract types using BlueFolder’s highly customizable contract settings.

File Attachments

Recording the before and after state of a job can be important documentation for you and your customers. Attach files from your phone or tablet directly to a specific work order or contract.

REAL Results from Happy Clients


Decrease in "status check communications"

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Annual revenue increase

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Boost in billing first three months

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Dispatch Service Techs to the Field with Everything They Need

Your field service technicians and maintenance crews are always on the go. Give them what they need to make their service calls go smoother (and faster – with fewer mistakes).

From their mobile device, they can easily:

  • Manage & update work orders
  • Attach “before & after” photos
  • Capture customer signatures
  • View and complete assignments
  • Record billable activities
  • Access customer service history
  • View equipment maintenance history
  • Pull up directions in Google Maps
  • And much more!

Robust Customization Easily Adapts to Your Business Needs and the Way You Work

BlueFolder’s field service contract management features are highly customizable, allowing you to create workflows specific to your unique needs so you have complete control over how work is managed and completed.

Work Orders

Create work orders from the office, in the field, via email, web form, or customer portal. Track work order status and optimize workflows for your service team.

Workflow Automation

Create workflows specific to your unique needs. Create custom work order status values, color-coding, generate automated status changes, and set default status values for specific events.

Track Assignments

Assign work orders for completion and keep track of completion status. Support for multiple scheduled assignments per work order and assignments to multiple techs at a time.


Keep track of service appointments, customer meetings & equipment maintenance, and push calendar events to Outlook, iCal, or Google Calendar.

Billable Labor, Materials & Expenses

Record every service activity whether it’s labor, materials or expenses. Mark activities as billable, non-billable, or contracted.

Activity Logs & Audits

Gain greater insight and accountability into ALL of the data you need for each customer, job, or equipment item.

Signature Capture

Record acceptance of completed work by capturing your customer’s signature directly into your work orders, and easily email copies of signed documents directly to customers, all while in the field.

Job Costing

Track profitability for individual work orders and run profitability reports across all service work for a period of time.

Asset Management

Keep track of the assets & equipment you service. Attach before/after photos, user manuals, etc. Run service history reports to identify maintenance trends and trouble spots.

Team Communication

Keep your whole team (and your customers) up to date on key work order events with email & text message notifications. Your techs and customers can reply to notifications and their replies are added to the work order comment history.

Recurring Jobs

Recurring jobs simplify the tracking of repetitive work and preventive maintenance by automatically creating work orders at specified intervals specified by you.

Custom Fields

Record, display, search and report on specific data that you need for your business. Custom field types include text, lists, dates, numeric, and yes/no fields.

Bulk Edit

Modify multiple work orders with a single action. Close work orders, change status, or add comments easily and save hours keeping your data up-to-date.

Flexible Printing

Sometimes you just need a hard copy. Our flexible print capabilities include multiple built-in templates and the ability to purchase custom templates (at additional cost).


Attach files and links to work orders. Whether it’s photos, PDFs, manuals, or any other relevant file, you can attach them all to your work orders and keep them secured in one place.

Smart Lists

Build custom smart lists for organizing and tracking your work orders. Smart lists include preset search criteria, filters, list columns and sort order, all accessible with a single click. Lists can also be restricted by user group and/or role.

Built for Commercial, Industrial & Residential Service Organizations

BlueFolder was built for field service teams, by field service professionals. Our core principle is that software should be powerful, yet easy-to-use. In fact, most organizations are able to get up and running in just a few hours.

Use BlueFolder’s custom fields to help you record, display and report on data specific to your industry:

Earning the Trust of Field Service Companies since 2005

Examples of how BlueFolder’s field service contract management software brings value to service teams and organizations:
Ron McDonnell
“I can look back over BlueFolder for the last several cycles and see the average labor time. It gives me insight into the right pricing for preventative maintenance.” 


Jeramy Harstad

“We’ve used BlueFolder for three years, have 30 techs, and love it.

Creating work orders is super fast and easily searchable afterward. Customer service reps are fast and friendly.”


Jeramy Harstad

“I have found your company to be outstanding in service and customer care. So many services promise so many things; BlueFolder actually delivers! Thank You for helping me run my business better!”


Jeramy Harstad

“The Web-based aspect of BlueFolder was key for us. We can get the information from any location and that’s important to us. It limits the needless calls back to the office because sales and service reps can find it on their own.”


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“I haven’t had one accountability discussion with them since we started using BlueFolder. There’s never been a question ever about our billing to them. One of our big customers jumped in and called us up to compliment us on how well we were doing on their projects. Wow. All because they went into their portal and were able to walk through the story that we tell with our record keeping.” 


Jeramy Harstad
“We have instant insight into each job, and we can service customers in a more efficient manner — which ultimately means we can spend more time selling and less time chasing down documents and retrieving information.”


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