Field Service Dispatch

and Scheduling Software

BlueFolder’s dispatch and scheduling software for service teams simplifies the scheduling, dispatching, and work order assignment process, allowing your team to accomplish more work with less down time, schedule work by days, weeks, months, and even years, and easily create recurring maintenance schedules.

Robust scheduling and assignment features simplify job management no matter how simple or complex.

Team Scheduling

Get everyone on the same page with team scheduling capabilities. See your whole team side-by-side. Flexible options allow you to view your schedule in hours, days, weeks, or even months at a time. Easily identify unassigned work and quickly assign it from the same screen.

Personal Calendar

Each BlueFolder user has their own personal calendar with daily, weekly, monthly and other views. Users can also integrate and sync their BlueFolder calendar with personal calendar applications like Outlook, Google Calendar, or iCal.

Recurring Events

Set up recurring appointments for events that happen regularly but don’t need a work order. For recurring service work, you can use a recurring job and BlueFolder will auto-create new work orders on a schedule defined by you. 

Assignee Flexibility

Appointments and work order assignments can have a single, or multiple assignees. You can even leave the work order assignment as “unassigned” and add an assignee at a later date.

Email / Text Notifications

Notify technicians and/or customers when a calendar event has been added, modified or deleted.

Printable Views

Mobile devices are everywhere these days, but sometimes you still want a printed page. BlueFolder has useful printable calendar views that come in handy for these situations.

Customize work order and assignment scheduling for seamless workflow management.


Multi-Assignment Management

BlueFolder’s customization options allow you to associate multiple assignments to a single work order so that everything is in one place. For example, there may be a scenario in which a technician needs to perform work over multiple days, or multiple technicians are assigned to a single work order. This feature helps associate all equipment and assignments with one work order.


Seamless Work Order and Assignment Integration

BlueFolder’s work order features and assignment features work seamlessly together. In the work order settings, you can choose to set a work order’s status to change when an assignment is completed. You can also record billable or non-billable labor simultaneously. This customizability is what separates BlueFolder from other solutions.

Customizable Notification Preferences

Need to quickly communicate with a technician or customer when an assignment changes? BlueFolder makes it easy by allowing you to configure notifications based on event triggers, such as:
  • When a work order is assigned.
  • When a work order comment is added.
  • When a work order is closed.
  • When an assignment is created.
  • When an assignment is changed.
  • When a customer appointment is created.
  • and more.

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