Industrial & Manufacturing Equipment Service Software

Keep your maintenance teams busy, efficient and in-sync with easy work order management, scheduling, equipment tracking, a powerful customer portal, and much more.

If properly operating equipment is the life-line of your business then read on. When equipment is down, production stops, resources are wasted, and revenue is lost.

Increase uptime by creating recurring preventive maintenance orders in BlueFolder for mission critical equipment. Reduce downtime and first-response times by extending BlueFolder's Customer Portal to operators for real-time issue reporting. Track equipment service history and report on trends to help forecast parts needs and equipment replacements.

Upload detailed maintenance procedures and images to BlueFolder so technicians have instant access to equipment-specific data in the palm of their hand. Track technician's time, expenses, and parts while maintaining a schedule to set expectations with operators, managers, and staff.


Case Study

"Just four months after installation, we've already seen the impact on day-to-day business. BlueFolder has helped us better manage our company."