Maximize efficiencies by connecting your BlueFolder account with your other systems.


The BlueFolder API is an interface that enables you to programmatically interact with your account. It's implemented using standard JSON or XML over HTTPS, so it's compatible with any programming environment.

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Webhooks allow you to automatically "call" or notify external systems when key events happen in your BlueFolder account. External systems can then respond to these calls by programmatically interacting with your BlueFolder account via the API.


Importing existing records is no problem with BlueFolder. Our built-in import tools make it easy and we're always available to help if you need it. You can also easily export your data for use in other systems.

Calendar Sync

If you use Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal, or another calendar application that supports the iCalendar format, you can subscribe to your BlueFolder calendar and changes to your schedule will automatically be synched to your personal calendar application.


Keep your team in sync and your customers informed with powerful email/text notifications. Create new work orders via email, add comments and attachments, and more.

Customer Portal

Our customer portal feature can be integrated into your existing website so your customers can submit requests, or log in right from your site.


Export your billing information directly to QuickBooks Online or Desktop. Eliminating redundant data entry is a HUGE time saver. Unlike some of our competitors, we don't charge extra for this valuable feature.

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Integrate with your Xero account. Send invoices instantly or at the end of the month. Data sync enables you to know if customers are overdue before providing them service.

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Send work orders to FreshBooks as invoices.

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