BlueFolder and QuickBooks Field Service Management

Looking for QuickBooks Field Service Management and Work Order software? You found it. BlueFolder seamlessly integrates with both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop, saving you hours of data entry time, helping you eliminate costly billing mistakes, and ensuring you get paid faster with more detailed invoices.

Accurate, Detailed Invoicing.

Built-In & Easy

Integration with QuickBooks Online is built-in and easy to setup. No installs or tedious setup required.

Invoice Integration

Send invoices, items, and taxes to QuickBooks Online. Detailed line-item descriptions make invoices easier to understand, and saves you time.

Sync Customer Data

Customer records created in BlueFolder are automatically added to your QuickBooks account when sending billing data.

QuickBooks Desktop

Haven’t made the move to QuickBooks Online yet? That’s okay, we can handle it. Our QuickBooks Desktop integration also supports synching customers, invoices, items, taxes, etc.

Export Support If You Need It

Our support team has business ownership, management, and accounting expertise and can help with much more than setting up your QuickBooks integration. Our team can give you tips on how to improve your business processes to be more efficient, productive, and profitable.

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