Reports and Dashboards

Analyze the health of your business with built-in reports, custom reporting tools, and dashboards.

Built-in Reports

Managing your business involves many things, and reporting is one of the most important. Keeping an eye on the key metrics that make your business successful is easier with BlueFolder. A variety of built-in reports gives you quick access to key data like service billings, profitability, labor, expenses, and more.

Custom Reports

Need a custom report? No problem. BlueFolder has a powerful custom reporting tool that allows you to choose exactly the data you need to see. Customize report columns (including your custom fields), groupings, filtering criteria, subtotals, and more. One-click export to Microsoft Excel for further analysis. You can also customize the permissions of your custom reports to protect sensitive data.


Keep an eye on what your service team is doing with built-in dashboards. Stay up to date on what's past due, upcoming, and what's been done recently. At-a-glance access to how open work order counts and your monthly service billings.

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