Sparkle Services

Sparkle Services, a commercial facility maintenance company, needed a CMMS solution to centralize all work orders, customer history, inventory, and contract usage. BlueFolder delivered.


Facilities Maintenance / Management

Company Size

40 employees

Solutions Needed

Field service solution to schedule both spontaneous and daily recurring work orders, track equipment, and provide service history details.


Implement a solution that would scale with business growth.

With BlueFolder

Greater job costing/profitability tracking and contract management helped increase annual revenue by 300%.

Company Overview

Sparkle Services is a 30 year old, family-owned, small business in Connecticut, with just under 40 employees. Sparkle provides cleaning services to facilities across the state, ranging from small, local banks, to schools and municipal buildings, to large, multi-level office buildings.

Jeff Tingley, President and Co- Founder, saw a huge opportunity to grow his business a few years back which led him to BlueFolder’s Work Order Management Software. Sparkle primarily provided cleaning services but some of his best clients began requesting additional services for the maintenance of their facilities like carpet replacement, vent cleaning, and painting. Already having an established relationship, they’d ask Jeff if he and his teams could do these kinds of services. He’d have to turn them down.

The opportunity was to add a second branch to his company that provided handyman kinds of services to his current customer base. Different from his cleaning service branch which serviced its facilities 5 days a week and was contracted on an annual basis, this new branch’s work orders would be non-recurring and bill upon service completion.

“I simply got tired of saying no to customers. Customers I liked, trusted, and knew would pay me on time”, stated Tingley. “That’s when Uni- Serve was born” – the branch of Jeff’s business that would provide handyman types of services at the request of his current clients. But in order to manage and grow this segment of his business he needed a robust, work order management software.

So began his search.

The Challenge

“For no greater reason did we reach out to BlueFolder than to grow our business, which it absolutely helped us do.” That’s not always the story. Quite often business owners are searching for a tool like BlueFolder because they’re tired of losing work orders, frustrated at double scheduling jobs or techs, or struggling to get a handle on their billing. Sparkle Services didn’t set out to find a solution because of any one pain point – they simply saw an opportunity to grow their business and knew if they wanted to take it to the next level they’d have to streamline their processes and maintain a central system for better organization and communication.

“For no greater reason did we reach out to BlueFolder than to grow our business, which it absolutely helped us do.”

The Solution

Tingley initiated a search for a solution that would handle spontaneous and daily recurring work orders, simplify scheduling, track equipment, and provide service history to his admin team as well as his customers.

Adamant about finding a solution, “for a reasonable price with NO CONTRACTS!”, he scoured the web and tech magazines, while consulting other service providers who were already using a work order management software. He left no rock unturned. Sparkle Services even considered having their own software custom built for their business. Then Jeff found BlueFolder.

After a thorough vendor evaluation process that included trials, demos, and multiple consulting sessions, Sparkle Services chose BlueFolder. “It met all my requirements and still offered more. The standout for BlueFolder was how sophisticated it was yet simple to use and implement. My son is a software developer and I hear his challenges first-hand – creating smart, innovative software is not the challenge. . . creating smart, innovative software that the average Joe can easily understand and use is the challenge. It’s not as easy as you’d think.”

The Results

Even in ideal circumstances, implementing a new software system isn’t always easy. It’s awesome to hear that Sparkle Services had literally no issues or challenges implementing BlueFolder. “BlueFolder’s really pretty straight- forward. It’s not a complicated thing. That’s the amazing thing about BlueFolder, it’s so rich in value, yet so simple to use and implement” says Tingley, Every company has to consider ROI when taking on new aspects of their business, whether that investment is money or time. For Sparkle the investment into BlueFolder was minimal but the results have been remarkable with over a 300% growth in annual revenue.

The implementation of BlueFolder at Sparkle Services, LLC. has made their company more confident and more appealing to their prospective customers. They market the Customer Portal to their prospective clients touting that the customer will have open access to the work order software that Sparkle uses allowing that customer to track service history, contracts, hours, and worker comments for their properties. “It’s a huge marketing tool for Sparkle and Uni-serve. Customers love that we offer this kind of service even if they never once login to it.”

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