Pronto Gym Services 

Pronto Gym Services, a gym equipment repair company, stands apart from competitors with the help of BlueFolder’s gym equipment service software, which provides easy communications, customizable service orders, and detailed records.


Fitness Equipment Repair

Company Size

 6 employees

Solutions Needed

Easy asset management, scheduling, and communications


Provide proactive preventative maintenance services with cost-effective overhead.

With BlueFolder

Built a loyal customer base with customized service and outstanding communications while managing costs.

Company Overview

Pronto Gym was founded in 2011 by company president Ron McDonnel. The company maintains and repairs fitness and gym equipment for commercial clients, such as hotels, businesses, schools, and housing communities. Maintenance contracts represent about 75% of the overall business. Pronto Gym has grown consistently since 2011 to almost $1 million a year in revenue primarily because of a loyal customer following.  

Customers love Pronto Gym’s clear, timely communications and their ability to set up and manage an equipment maintenance program tailored to their needs. Pronto Gym ensures customers don’t have to deal with complaints about broken equipment and don’t have to worry about calling for maintenance. Pronto Gym’s team manages the schedule, identifies and addresses repairs before they cause a problem, and helps keep gyms operational and safe. 

The Challenge

Equipment technicians are good at understanding the intricate insides of complex gym machines, finding what ails them, and making it better. But they often don’t excel at communication. That’s why maintenance companies often get a reputation for keeping customers in the dark. McDonnell wanted Pronto Gym to be different. He needed a way to make communications simple and effective, so technicians could focus on what they do best, and customers still get the updates they need. 

Pronto Gym also needed a tool for asset management. They have to maintain hundreds of different types of equipment and give technicians access to documentation and specifications based on serial numbers. McDonnel explains, “You have to have some sort of mechanism to keep track of all those assets independent of the service request.”  

McDonnell reviewed several work order and asset management solutions, but BlueFolder is the one that provided the right functionality at an excellent value. BlueFolder is also easy to get up and running, which was crucial for a new business.  

The Solution

BlueFolder enables consistent communications that drive business. 

BlueFolder facilitates the proactive communication and clear follow-through that sets Pronto Gym apart from the competition. McDonnell notes, “Everybody in the organization uses it many times across the day because it allows them to communicate consistent messages to the client.”  

BlueFolder lets users set up work order templates, which technicians can fill in with details. As a result, it takes little effort to let customers know what work they did, what they found, and any safety risks they saw. The technician can also point out recommended repairs or upgrades, which managers can estimate immediately.  

The process makes it easy for Pronto Gym to be proactive and turn estimates for additional work around in 24 to 48 hours. And McDonnell observes that fast turns increase follow-on business. “If we can get the quote out within that period, the approval rate increases dramatically.” 

Finally, BlueFolder’s contract management alerts Pronto Gym when contracts are going to expire. That gives the company time to notify customers and renew the contract. Customers appreciate the heads up, which ensures equipment maintenance continues smoothly, and Pronto Gym doesn’t lose work due to a forgotten expiration date. 


With a simple, flexible interface, BlueFolder is easy to learn and use. 

As soon as he started setting BlueFolder up, McDonnell noticed how easy it was to use. “It’s very intuitive out of the box. And I can customize it with different fields so we can pull and track different data points above and beyond the initial setup.” For example, with more and more gym equipment connected to the internet, they have to track IP addresses for each customer. Or if upholstery is ready for replacement, technicians need to record the exact color.  


BlueFolder’s recurring work orders keep preventative maintenance schedules on track. 

Because Pronto Gym customizes their maintenance schedules for each client, they rely on recurring work orders to set up and track planned jobs in a just a few clicks. McDonnell explains, “when a customer says they’ve got new equipment and they want to start their preventative maintenance six months down the road, I don’t have to write it down or put in a note or reminder. I just put a service request in BlueFolder for six months down the road and forget about it. Six months later, it shows up on my scheduler’s dashboard, and he just puts it in the schedule. So that helps tremendously.” 


BlueFolder’s attachments features make warranty work and records-keeping simple. 

When technicians need to contact manufacturers or let customers know the conditions they found while working on equipment, they can easily snap a photo and attach it to the work order directly or by a link. Then if they need to share that data with equipment companies or customers, they can just send the link. The capability to attach photos or videos saves time and helps Pronto Gym communicate clearly. 


The Results

Pronto Gym has grown revenue consistently and survived the pandemic years when gyms took a huge hit. McDonnell credits their success to their strong communications. “We’ve held on to customers for many, many years because they’re used to our emails and service summaries.”   

As a small business, Pronto Gym has saved administrative costs with BlueFolder’s capacity for uploading customer groups and assets lists with no manual typing. And the integration with QuickBooks® streamlines invoicing. With less overhead, the company can turn budget toward hiring more technicians and expanding the business. 

BlueFolder’s detailed work order tracking along with powerful reporting have helped Pronto Gym protect margin even though the equipment types and work environments vary widely. For any customer McDonnell can “look back over BlueFolder for the last several cycles and see the average labor time. It gives me insight into the right pricing for preventative maintenance.” 

BlueFolder’s user-centric design and powerful features have been a big part of helping Pronto Gym win and keep happy customers. 

“We try to be proactive, so the customer doesn’t get a complaint [about their gym equipment]. And that is why BlueFolder is the fundamental program we use day to day.”

Ron McDonnel,

President of Pronto Gym Services

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