Marquis Medical

Marquis Medical, a PET/CT sales and service company, increased monthly billable revenue by 25% with BlueFolder, and gained a competitive advantage against bigger competitors by boosting team connectivity and performance.


Medical Devices

Company Size

11 – 50 employees

Solutions Needed

Field Service solution to manage techs and customers across the country.


Move away from spreadsheets and email, and employ a fully connected system.

With BlueFolder

Increased monthly billable revenue by 25%, streamlined communication between technicians, staff, and customers, and cut travel costs.

Company Overview

Despite their deep expertise in PET and PET/CT scanners for medical imaging, the founders of Marquis Medical were still taking a gamble when they opened their doors as a turnkey sales and service provider in 2006. They entered the field against two larger and better-known competitors, successfully growing from a handful of clients in their launch year to over 40 clients in 2011. Their proposition — to provide a turnkey customer experience that included superior warranty coverage, site planning, installation, on-site service, maintenance, training and round-the-clock support — was quickly paying off.

The Challenge

Their growing client base was also outstripping their field service management system, which, in the early days, was comprised of an Excel document and a few email accounts. But by 2011, seven engineers across the country were responsible for managing appointments and follow-up with more than 40 customers. Having one person in charge of all previous service tickets was slowing the team down. To maintain the superior service that was driving their growth, their system would have to evolve.

We have instant insight into each job, and we can service customers in a more efficient manner — which ultimately means we can spend more time selling and less time chasing down documents and retrieving information.

Joe Sciarra, Marquis Medical Founding Partner

The Solution

After a year-long search that included web demos, meetings and conference calls, Marquis Medical implemented BlueFolder in late 2010. Marquis Medical’s leadership team liked the web-based system that would let them pay on a per-user basis and forgo making five-digit expenditures on new servers.

The team, who has headquarters and a 7,000-square foot warehouse in Louisiana and a regional office in New Jersey, could now work together in real time to coordinate field engineers’ activities across the nation.

“The BlueFolder team provided us with great customer service,” said Joe Sciarra, a founding partner of Marquis Medical, which provided all team members with iPads so that they could easily get the most out of BlueFolder’s mobile functionality. “It’s so accessible and simple to use that even our most paperwork-averse engineers find that it’s easy to log what they’re doing up to the minute. We have instant insight into each job, and we can service customers in a more efficient manner — which ultimately means we can spend more time selling and less time chasing down documents and retrieving information.”

The Results

Having all field and home office personnel on the same page with up-to-the-minute job data has fostered efficiency with customers and mutual accountability within teams.

“We love how BlueFolder helps us track expenses,” added Sciarra. “Seeing how money is being spent on a job gives us a quick way to assess account performance at a glance. Before, we had two or three different forms for tracking this. Now it’s all in one place.”

BlueFolder has delivered other advantages: it helps Sciarra’s team monitor travel costs and evaluate staffing needs. Data for allocation of resources is easier to aggregate and understand. Bills go out faster because job data is easier to collect.

By supporting Marquis Medical’s key differentiator — service — BlueFolder helps their team spend less time doing paperwork and more time helping customers. Being more agile internally makes it easier to go the extra mile, keep good contracts, and win new ones. With billable per-month revenue up by 25%, Marquis Medical’s gambit — superior service backed by the right tools for the job — is paying off.

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