Hydroworx, a company that builds and installs therapy and aquatic conditioning pools internationally, increases service levels and revenue, while decreasing “status check” calls by 80% using BlueFolder.


Health, Wellness, and Fitness

Company Size

11 – 50 employees

Solutions Needed

Centralized information for customer histories, contract details, and appointment details.


Minimize “status check” and back-and-forth calls between technicians and main office staff.

With BlueFolder

Decreased “status check” communication by 80%.

Company Overview

NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens uses it, as does former Boston Marathon winner and current running coach Alberto Salazar. From pro sports teams to college athletics to children and adults with injuries or disabilities, therapy pools have been the answer for low-impact training, and faster recovery and rehabilitation.

The Philadelphia Eagles, Navy Seals, Nike, Stanford University and hundreds of other individuals and facilities have seen the results of Hydroworx water therapy and conditioning equipment.

In December 2004, Terrell Owens sprained his ankle and broke his fibula just weeks before the Philadelphia Eagles were to play in the Super Bowl. He spent every day in a Hydroworx therapy pool and was back on the field for the match-up against the New England Patriots—stating the pool was instrumental in his quick recovery.

Since 1995, the company has brought its pools to 50 states and nine countries. For clients who depend on their pools, it’s essential for Hydroworx to keep them running smoothly. HydroWorx technicians install and service the pools, which keeps them in the field for significant periods of time.

The Challenge

Without access to customer and service-call details while on the road, technicians had to stay in close communication with the main office in Middletown, Pennsylvania. When anything changed, the director of service would call reps with updates. Likewise, it was difficult for the service and sales teams to find details about maintenance contracts quickly.

Hydroworx needed to make that important customer and appointment information readily available in real time—in the office and the field—to all those interfacing with customers.

“The Web-based aspect of BlueFolder was key for us. We can get the information from any location and that’s important to us. It limits the needless calls back to the office because sales and service reps can find it on their own.”

Michael McHugh, Senior Vice President

The Solution

The Director of Service for HydroWorx, Marcia Moran, looked into service management solutions and found BlueFolder back in 2006. The Web-based application tracks customer information, service requests and histories, schedules and service contracts, and makes them all accessible by field personnel.

“The Web-based aspect of BlueFolder was key for us,” said Michael McHugh, senior vice president. “We can get the information from any location and that’s important to us. It limits the needless calls back to the office because sales and service reps can find it on their own.”

The Results

Since implementing BlueFolder, Marcia and her team can now track all service calls, and schedule installs and service appointments. At any time they can see a technician’s current assignment and know who’s available to address a service issue. They also know the customer’s complete service history and any technicians that visited the site in the past. As they make changes to the schedule, technicians automatically receive email and text-message alerts on their phones, so they immediately know if a time, location or contact changed.

When technicians prepare to visit customers, they always have access to the most current data about a particular customer in BlueFolder—right at their fingertips—including multiple contact names, locations, phone numbers, and previous and current service issues.

Centralized Service Contract Management

Both service and sales representatives tap BlueFolder for reports on other customers in any area where they are traveling, allowing them to plan visits to check in on customers.

“We search by state and pull up all customers in an area, so we never drive by a customer,” McHugh said. “With customers all over, that was tough to manage before.”

Reps also view service contract status in BlueFolder, which stores details on every customer’s contract. Before, reps in the office would search through binders in the archive room to locate specific contracts, or they had to call back to the office to ask someone there to assist with tracking down documents.

Now, whether they’re in the office or on the road, all technicians can see if a customer is still under

warranty or extended service. And sales reps know whether to approach a customer about contract renewal.

Weekly service reports are distributed to the president and all senior managers, allowing them to follow the number and types of issues. They may also contact a customer personally in order to check in regarding service.

Bottom-line Benefits

BlueFolder contributes to the company’s profitability in a number of ways. Technicians eliminate calls back to the office for customer and service details, while in-office staff reduce calls to technicians about changes or updates. If the information is in BlueFolder, everyone is on the same page, reducing overall calling by about 80 percent.

The time to locate service contracts now takes less than one minute compared to up to 10 minutes before, freeing service and sales to spend more time with customers rather than searching for information.

Hydroworx has also increased maintenance contract renewals by ensuring customers renew as existing contracts expire. “From a revenue standpoint, having a good understanding of customers under contract and those about to expire is a revenue producer,” McHugh said.

Most essentially, BlueFolder helps enhance service at this customer-focused company. Hydroworx maximizes each trip and increases friendly visits to current customers.

“Our priority is to see customers and make sure they’re happy,” McHugh said. “That attention to customers is how we’ve grown. The investment in BlueFolder has been important for our service and our bottom line.”

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