Medical Equipment Service Software

Easily manage projects and work orders for medical equipment repair, preventive maintenance and installation.

Whether you are an ISO, a TPMO or a CE group, BlueFolder helps you to service and install medical equipment to meet the ever-increasing demands of patient safety initiatives such as:

  • FDA Section 820.200 - Servicing
  • FDA Section 820.170 - Installation
  • ISO 13485 Quality Management Requirements
  • ECRI Institute Equipment Management Standards

BlueFolder's unique equipment tracking features allow you to generate detailed service histories while reducing costs through the elimination of inefficient paperwork. Your teams have 24/7 web access to work assignments, while you simultaneously monitor all schedules. The easy-to-use Customer Portal helps you build stronger ties with your customers. And your service technicians will appreciate the simplicity of their interactions with BlueFolder.


Case Study

"It's so accessible and simple to use that even our most paperwork-averse engineers find that it's easy to log what they're doing up to the minute."