Service CRM

Improve your communication, response times, and customer satisfaction with great CRM features.

Service History

When a customer calls, you want to impress them with excellent service, right? BlueFolder's customer service software gives you instant access to each customer's service history with just a few clicks. Our subscribers love this feature because it makes them look organized and efficient while simultaneously allowing them to deliver the best level of customer service management possible.

Contacts & Locations

BlueFolder supports multiple contacts and locations per customer record. Even your biggest customer accounts are no problem for BlueFolder. You can also easily identify which contact and location are the "primary" for each customer.

Customer Portal

BlueFolder's customer portal allows you to take your business to the next level by enabled your customers to directly interact with your service management system anytime. Sophisticated permissions and customization allow you to extend your company brand while only exposing the information you want your customers to see.


Importing existing customer records is no problem with BlueFolder. Our built-in import tools make it easy and we're always available to help if you need it. You can also easily export customer data for use in other systems.

Email Automation

Notify customers of job status, comments, appointments and more. Customers can reply to notifications and their comments are added to the system to keep everyone in the know.

Custom Fields

With support for unlimited custom fields, you can easily keep track of ALL of the data you need for each customer. Custom fields are searchable too, so add as many as you want and start tracking ALL your data.

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